Male infertility

Male infertility depends on the quantity and quality of sperm.

There are several causes for male infertility, and we can usually find the cause through specialized tests such as:

-Culture of urine and sperm for all kinds of microorganisms.

-Hormonal, biochemical, immunological measurements in sperm and blood.

-Genetic testing with karyotype and Y chromosome mapping, detection of cystic fibrosis gene, rupture of sperm DNA and anything new that emerges in this evolving field.

Imaging tests, such as ultrasound of the genital system, Doppler – Triplex of the vessels of the area and possibly CT or MRI scans.

– DNA fragmentation index – to see the quality of a man’s genetic material

A very large percentage of male sperm are corrected with biological therapies without side effects that have been proven by the global scientific community. For those cases of male infertility that have no cure, the application of in vitro fertilization (ICSI) since 1995 has given new hope for offspring.

If the problem is not solved then the couple can do IVF with a sperm donation