IVF procedure steps

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IVF (In vitro fertilization) is the fertilization of eggs outside the body. It was first carried out successfully in humans in 1977 and has now become a routine process for treating couples who are unable to conceive naturally.

IVF consists of many steps, which are outlined below:

● Ovarian stimulation: The woman has her ovaries stimulated with hormones (usually as daily injections), so that she grows multiple eggs, rather than the single egg usually seen on a natural cycle. A trigger injection, approximately 36 hours before egg collection, helps the eggs to go through the last stages of development.
● Egg collection: Eggs are retrieved either under local or general anaesthetic, and are placed into a specialist fluid (culture medium) in an incubator in the lab.
●Sperm production: The man is asked to produce a semen sample, which is then prepared so that only the healthiest sperm are used for the IVF.
● Insemination: Sperm and eggs are incubated together overnight and the eggs checked the next day for fertilisation.
● Embryo Development: Fertilised eggs develop into embryos and are grown in the incubator for up to 6 days.
● Embryo transfer: The best embryo(s) are selected and are placed into the womb using a thin plastic tube called an embryo transfer catheter. This is usually a quick and painless procedure, performed without sedation.
● Embryo freezing (cryopreservation): Any spare good quality embryos are frozen for future use.
● Pregnancy test: Approximately 2 weeks after egg collection.

Sometimes donor eggs or sperm are used for couples who cannot produce their own, or whose eggs or sperm are poor quality.

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IVF & fertility treatments

Ovum IVF consultancy group is a group of fertility specialists that serve clients from all over the world. We have many satisfied patients that use medical travel for their fertility treatments. IVF medical travel in Greece is very popular among infertile couples because they find high quality care and treatment for their fertility problems. We have a proven record of success with our IVF/Egg Donation treatments.

IVF Medical Travel in Greece

At OVUM IVF Fertility Consultants Group we can arrange your travel to Greece to get fertility consultation and treatments.

Greece is very popular destination for infertile couples that want to become parents because of the laws and ease of doing IVF or Egg Donations here, the costs are substantially lower than other countries, the weather is nice and you can have a vacation too.

Surrogacy, Egg Donation

Legislation in Greece permits only anonymous egg donation and only host (or gestational) surrogacy is allowed. Both egg donation and surrogacy has to be altruistic. We offer surrogacy medical consultation and care for the surrogate mother and assistance to the intended parents.

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