Preimpantation Diagnosis (PGD) - Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)

Preimplantation genetic testing is a prenatal diagnosis which involves checking the genes or chromosomes of the embryos, created through IVF or ICSI, before they are implanted to the uterus. When using PGD, only healthy embryos of the desired gender are put in the uterus, giving a high accuracy rate. PGD can be used to prevent disease and for family-balancing.

Using this procedure, embryos with chromosomal aberrations and genetic diseases can be detected and excluded so that only the healthy ones will be transferred in the woman’s uterus.

PGS procedure screens for chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), as well as abnormalities in chromosome position (translocations). It can be recommended for parents who have no known genetic abnormalities, as well as patients who meet any of the following conditions:

  • Female aged 38 or older
  • Couples interested in a single embryo transfer
  • Couples interested in gender selection because of gender linked diseases
  • Couples with history of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Couples with history of repeated failed IVF/implantation failure
  • Male partner with severe male factor infertility

PGD is used to identify single gene defects such as cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, sickle cell anemia, β-thalasshemia and Huntington disease and generally offered in these groups of disease:

1) sex-linked disorders
2) single gene defects and
3) chromosomal disorders.

Sex selection is prohibited in Greece according to paragraph 26 of Law 3305/2005. Gender selection is only allowed for serious medical conditions and couples with a documented family history of gender-linked disease

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Ovum IVF consultancy group is a group of fertility specialists that serve clients from all over the world. We have many satisfied patients that use medical travel for their fertility treatments. IVF medical travel in Greece is very popular among infertile couples because they find high quality care and treatment for their fertility problems. We have a proven record of success with our IVF/Egg Donation treatments.

IVF Medical Travel in Greece

At OVUM IVF Fertility Consultants Group we can arrange your travel to Greece to get fertility consultation and treatments.

Greece is very popular destination for infertile couples that want to become parents because of the laws and ease of doing IVF or Egg Donations here, the costs are substantially lower than other countries, the weather is nice and you can have a vacation too.

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Legislation in Greece permits only anonymous egg donation and only host (or gestational) surrogacy is allowed. Both egg donation and surrogacy has to be altruistic. We offer surrogacy medical consultation and care for the surrogate mother and assistance to the intended parents.

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