Egg donation in Greece

Egg donation is the process by which a woman donates eggs for purposes of assisted reproduction.

Given the difficulty that many women face about getting pregnant with their own ova, more women every day are looking in to egg donation as their solution in order to become pregnant

Egg donation is now a simple and painless process, during which the couple is provided with donor eggs.  Then, with the use of the recipient's sperm, they are fertilized and implanted to the recipient woman.


 Egg Donation treatment, is a quite straightforward procedure as there is no waiting list and donor availability is more than efficient.

Legislation in Greece permits only anonymous altruistic egg donation and are only compensated for their time off work. The donor and recipients do not know each other's identity and the children born using donor oocytes cannot know their genetic origins in the future. The reciepient couple only specific characteristics can be given, such as height, weight, colour of eyes and hair, complexion of skin as well as educational level and occupation. Donor matching is determined depending mainly on the physical characteristics, therefore we would be grateful if you could provide us with a photo of you. There is a wide variety of egg donors, so hopefully the decision will not be restricting.
All the donors living in Greece and most of them are Europeans but we have also Africans and few Asian donors.

We screen our donors as required by the Greek law and in compliance with the HFEA guidelines. This includes a complete physical examination, tests for sexually transmitted diseases as well as genetic screening, to exclude the possibility of inheritable diseases.  Furthermore, a complete personal and family medical history is taken. Additionally, both the recipient and the partner need to be checked for HIV1,2, HCV, HBsAg and VDRL. Donors and recipient couples are obliged to sign standard consent forms, which will safeguard the respective rights of both parties.

An initial consultation is required, which can be over the phone with our fertility specialist Dr Sykoutris. 

We have patients from all over the world and Europe, like Italy, England, USA, Canada, Australia, Georgia who have successfully completed egg donation treatments in Greece.

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Some women need to receive donated eggs to become pregnant:

  • Women who, despite treatment with maximal doses of infertility drugs in IVF, are unable to produce enough eggs to give a reasonable chance of pregnancy.
  • Women whose ovaries stop functioning at much earlier age than might be expected (less than 40 years old): these are women with premature ovarian failure/premature menopause and have no eggs.
  • Women who are carriers of diseases such as Haemophilia or Duchene’s Dystrophy: these diseases are passed on by women to male children. Rather than risk having an affected child a woman may opt for donated eggs.
  • Women older than 45 years old.
  • Women with repeated failure in previous IVF treatments.


Do I need donor eggs?

Egg donation is a very promising solution for you if you have one of the following probelms:

  • Non-existent ovaries
  • Early menopause
  • Background with multiple miscarriages
  • Infertility resulting from cancer treatment
  • Have hereditary diseases
  • If you have had no response to ovarian stimulation drugs in the past
  • If you have multiple failed IVF therapies

Reciepient women are usually 35-49 years old and have tried many years unsuccessfuly to have a baby.

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Ovum IVF consultancy group is a group of fertility specialists that serve clients from all over the world. We have many satisfied patients that use medical travel for their fertility treatments. IVF medical travel in Greece is very popular among infertile couples because they find high quality care and treatment for their fertility problems. We have a proven record of success with our IVF/Egg Donation treatments.

IVF Medical Travel in Greece

At OVUM IVF Fertility Consultants Group we can arrange your travel to Greece to get fertility consultation and treatments.

Greece is very popular destination for infertile couples that want to become parents because of the laws and ease of doing IVF or Egg Donations here, the costs are substantially lower than other countries, the weather is nice and you can have a vacation too.

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Legislation in Greece permits only anonymous egg donation and only host (or gestational) surrogacy is allowed. Both egg donation and surrogacy has to be altruistic. We offer surrogacy medical consultation and care for the surrogate mother and assistance to the intended parents.

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