Kostantina D

I should have written about this a long time ago.  It is long but I had to give you my account.  There are instances in your life where you meet someone just by chance but you eventually understand that it was fate.   The doctor was in England at the time.  He read my book and wanted to sent me an email to tell me what he thought the problem was and I could not conceive but he thought that I would be too shy to respond or that I would think he was unreasonable and a spam message.  He was not wrong.  At the time, I received countless messages with the most outrageous suggestions. 

The most toughing though, was the message from a chemist who offered free drugs through my struggle.  I thanked the chemist but did not follow up with her.  Perhaps I would have done the same with the doctor’s message, if he had sent it.
This doctor then, after working in England for a few years returned to Greece and worked at the IFV center that I was visiting for a few years.  One morning, I was at the center for my appointment.  The employees told me that the new doctor (Dr. Sikourtis) has shown them my book and suggest that they read it.  The employees told Dr. Sikourtis that they know me personally and that the book is written about my doctors.  Dr. Sikourtis asked that he meets me personally and we met later that morning. 

During the conversation, we found out that we live in the same neighborhood and the doctor confided in me that before he read my book he did not understand his patients’ emotional struggle, in addition to that he thought he understood what my health problem was.  He suggested I make an appointment with him, without charge, to try this new experimental therapy suggested from abroad.  He brought me the paperwork and noted the successes of the therapy.  I was unsure that I wanted to start this emotional rollercoaster again of hope and disappointment but as my current choices were the experimental therapy or donor eggs, I opted for the therapy.

From that moment on it was as if whatever the doctor said or prescribed fell into place exactly as expected.  He always spoke in a matter-of-fact manner and everything he said he had background information on to offer me.  I was still unsure but I prepared myself for the first surgical procedure.  He had to make several cuts to create a new avenue for the new cells to grow.  I spent many nights reading up on what he said which ended up reverting everything I knew.  I thought one was to take cortisone for the body to accept the new cells.  This was wrong.  You have to help the body understand that this is conception.   I do not remember the exact details but the point is that Dr. Sikourtis’ actions were very different from what was done to me previously.  For everything we did, he always emailed me links and took hours to discuss with me the details.  None had ever done this before.  

I finally completed the first month.  I was always unsure but the doctor always sure.  He responded calmly and in a matter-of-fact way.  He also told me when he saw me getting excited that I should be excited when the baby is born and the pediatrician tells me that it is healthy.   He would call me and check on me when I missed our appointed calls.  He said that I had an umbilical cord attached to the fetus and one to the doctor till the baby is born.
The big day arrived, even a surprise to the doctor.  In the birthing room I also had a midwife and an anesthesiologist, his wife.  The anesthesiologist held me all throughout till I could stop crying.  I cried for so long the nurses in the word identified me as the one that cried.  

I had to have a caesarian section.  The doctor explained how it would happen.  He explained about the cuts he would make and how he will open it up with his fingers.  I could not hear it but then I understood why he did it that way.  The first day I was able to go out to the common room for coffee and at night I slept really well when the other new moms could not sleep due to their pain and asked me the next morning if I was sure I had a cesarean.  He patiently explained that he cut no muscles, just skin and then made a small incision in the sac.  I was just a wound that healed in a few days.  Whatever I write are a minimal account of what the doctor went through during my pregnancy: miscarriages, thrombosis, diabetes, my age, and more

A few days ago my family and the doctor went out for coffee.  He sat across from us smelting.  His phone run quite often and through his calm mannerism, he calmed the panicked patients of their fears and his known jokes.  He made them laugh.  I was speechless.  How can I make him understand how important is his work, and what he did for my family.  And if I say thank you, he does not accept it, he points to God.

You ask why I write all this.  We thank God many times for all things we have but we forget to thank God for our happiness.  This is my thank you to Taso.



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