R. V.

I wouldn’t be here today holding my little princess if not for Dr Tasos and his team.

I tried IUI and IVF several times in the UK with no success so looked into trying it aboard. I was Initially reluctant to do this abroad due to logistics but found the experience easier, stress free and so much more pleasant then what I had experienced in the Uk.

The first time I tried ivf with Ovum clinic it didn’t work and Dr Tasos went out of his way and took some tests which I initially did in the uk, he discovered an issue, corrected it and I tried again 3 months later and it worked.

The team at Ovum were professional, approachable and I didn’t feel like just another patient but I mattered! They made me feel comfortable, explained things clearly and they went out if their way to ensure it was stress free for me, which it totally was!

Words cannot thank Ovum team enough for my little miracle.


A beautiful fairy tale just begun for our family...  Another little angel came to this world thanks to your valuable help...

You were right next to me since the first day I needed you.... In every moment of agony, fear, longing... Your words were my only guide.... You took me in you arms since the first day.... Like i am a family member...

A thank you is too little to express all the things i want to tell you... We love you very much!!!

Baby, mom and dad..!!!

Katerina M

Best doctor ever!!!!  We thank him for everything!!!☺

Maria K

The fulfilment of giving birth to my child two years ago was my personal gratification. 

I would like to add a public thank you to Anastasios Sykourtis for his invaluable help in the conception of the child.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH TASO!!

Rena M

What we owe you: Our gratitude for not tricking us or playing with us, like some other more well-known doctors do. 

You have given us so much happiness!  For me, it was 3 years ago!! 

I was always stressed and troubled and I kept calling you.  You responded “God willing.”  You were the god among us and you may not feel that but all the women you have helped will agree with me.  You made our dreams come true and disconnected us from this unpleasant stigma in our lives. 

The only thing I would like to wish from the bottom of my heart is that God will keep you well so that other women will find this happiness that I felt in being a mother!! 

We love you soooooo much as my oldest son, Michael, says!!

Esther L

A few years before I give birth to Michael Raphael, Saint Raphael appeared in a very vivid dream. 

He told me that I will have a child.  I had many unsuccessful pregnancies.  I made tama, a promise to the Saint, at the island of Mytilene.  When I returned, I went through an IVF treatment which was successful.  

For the rest of my years I will praise God and my doctor, Anastasios Sykourtis for the blessing of becoming a mother!  You might think that I am writing personal information through my FB page but I would like to encourage the women that would like to become mothers.  The emotional struggle we go through to become mothers is like a roller coaster and I drew my strength from my faith and my miracle! 

Irene M

 Thank you for making our dreams come true.  Without you we are now planning on new dreams.  We will always be grateful to your capabilities and to the smiles of happiness that you fill people like us with.  We thank you, will be eternally grateful!

Anneta A

I am very lucky that I met you and that you are my doctor!!  I hope all women may have such a good doctor and above all a good person!!!

Kostantina D

I should have written about this a long time ago.  It is long but I had to give you my account.  There are instances in your life where you meet someone just by chance but you eventually understand that it was fate.

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