OVUM – Who we are and what we do

OVUM, founded by Dr Sykoutris in 2009, is a group of consultant gynaecologists, biologists and midwives who have long and broad experience in the field of infertility with special interest in egg donation programmes.

OVUM runs a large egg donation programme in Greece co-operating with IVF centres that fully comply with Greek legislation and the Greek Authority for Assisted Human Reproduction service standards.

OVUM provides:

  • Recruited and sharing donors
  • Practically NO waiting list
  • Thorough screening testing and interviewing of the donors
  • Meticulous cycle co-ordination
  • Excellent results

The traditional concept of motherhood where the genetic (giving her DNA), physical (giving birth) and social (raising) mother is one and the same person is gradually evolving. Women and couples who reach the difficult decision to use donated eggs (or sperm), are determined to become parents “at all cost”. OVUM stands next to these women and couples to support, encourage and assist their endeavour to have a healthy child, paying particular attention to the welfare of the child itself.

Some women need to receive donated eggs to become pregnant: Women who, despite treatment with maximal doses of infertility drugs in IVF, are unable to produce enough eggs to give a reasonable chance of pregnancy. Women whose ovaries stop functioning at much earlier age than might be expected (less than 40 years old): these are women with premature ovarian failure/premature menopause and have no eggs. Women who are carriers of diseases such as Haemophilia or Duchene’s Dystrophy: these diseases   are passed on by women to male children. Rather than risk having an affected child a woman may opt for donated eggs. Women older than 45 years old. Women with repeated failure in previous IVF treatments.

Apart from standard treatments (IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst transfer, Assisted Hatching, Surgical sperm retrieval) a wide range of options are available:

  • Egg freezing
  • Embryo freezing using the vitrification procedure
  • Pre implantation genetic diagnosis
  • Embryo donation
  • Surrogacy

Our work is fully orientated and tailored around patients seeking treatment abroad.

We offer:

  • Direct contact with our team 24h a day, 7 days a week
  • Experienced nurse co-coordinator
  • Counselling service
  • Travelling service for transport and accommodation
  • Treatment for particular circumstances for which the Greek legislation is more flexible compared to other countries (such as single women, women over the age of 45)
  • Very competitive costs

Egg donation is well acknowledged in international literature as the form of fertility treatment providing the best results as compared to standard IVF/ICSI.
As success mainly depends upon the age of the donor and the accuracy of cycle co-ordination, OVUM has excellent results to report, well above the national average of several European countries.

Our egg donation programme results over the last year:

Our centre has experience in providing IVF fertility treatment for international patients. We have worked with patients from England, Italy and other European countries.


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IVF & fertility treatments

Ovum IVF consultancy group is a group of fertility specialists that serve clients from all over the world. We have many satisfied patients that use medical travel for their fertility treatments. IVF medical travel in Greece is very popular among infertile couples because they find high quality care and treatment for their fertility problems. We have a proven record of success with our IVF/Egg Donation treatments.

IVF Medical Travel in Greece

At OVUM IVF Fertility Consultants Group we can arrange your travel to Greece to get fertility consultation and treatments.

Greece is very popular destination for infertile couples that want to become parents because of the laws and ease of doing IVF or Egg Donations here, the costs are substantially lower than other countries, the weather is nice and you can have a vacation too.

Surrogacy, Egg Donation

Legislation in Greece permits only anonymous egg donation and only host (or gestational) surrogacy is allowed. Both egg donation and surrogacy has to be altruistic. We offer surrogacy medical consultation and care for the surrogate mother and assistance to the intended parents.

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