FAQs About Egg Donation

  • Is there any waiting list for egg donation?

There is no waiting list for Egg Donation Treatment, as donor availability is more than efficient.

  • Are there any age limits?

Women interested in IVF or Egg Donation Treatment in Greece must by law be strictly no more than 50 years old.

  • Are you treating same sex patients?

Yes we treat same sex patients.

  • What is the way of matching donors to recipients?

We aim to pair the donors according to the recipients’ requirements.  The main criteria for pairing are physical characteristics and, if possible, criteria related to personality, education, lifestyle etc.

  • What is the average age of the donors?

The average donor age at our clinic is 24.

  • What kind of information can we have about the donors?

According to Greek law, donors remain strictly anonymous.  Recipients are allowed information regarding the donors’ characteristics, personality, education, lifestyle and medical test results. However, they are not allowed to see photos or in any way come in contact with the donors

  • What are your success rates?




- Positive Pregnancy Rate:

<40 years old

40-45 years old

45-50 years old




-On Going pregnancies:

<40 years old

40-45 years old

45-50 years old




-Live Birth Rate:

<40 years old

40-45 years old

45-50 years old




After 3 trials:

Over all ages:

Positive Pregnancy Rate:


On Going Pregnancy:


Live Birth Rate:


  • How many recipients you use per donor?

There are usually two recipients per donor. The average number of eggs per recipient in all circumstances should not be less than eight.

  • Do we have to have a first consultation?-Are there any other options?

An initial consultation is of crucial importance, as during that time we review your medical and fertility history, check all your tests results, perform necessary examinations and, of course, answer all your potential questions.  Alternatively, particularly if you live abroad, we may arrange telephone discussions or regular e-mail contacts in order to minimize your visits to Greece.

  • What do you provide for us during our visit in Athens?

Upon your arrival, an OVUM travel assistant will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to your accommodation. A dedicated English speaking nurse is also member of the team. She will be more than happy to accompany you to the clinic, help you with practical issues and act as a chaperon during medical procedures.

  • What about accommodation?

Our travel assistant offers different levels of service available.  We would recommend you to stay somewhere near the Unit, in order to cut down on cost and time of local transportation.

  • What about safety?

Greece is a safe country with one of the lowest crime rates across Europe.

  • Are there any documents we have to present to you before treatment?

Patients having fertility treatment in Greece must have recent (within the last 6 months) results for Hepatitis B, C, HIV I, II and Syphilis as well as Hb electrophoresis. You will be asked to sign the OVUM consent forms, which we provide you or you may download from our website.
Passports or identity cards are also required.

  • Is there any possibility for an over the phone consultation?

As mentioned above, we can arrange frequent telephone discussions and consultations in order to minimize travelling inconvenience.

  • How can we contact you for any questions and clarifications before or during the treatment?

Our midwife coordinator will be in contact with you during and before the treatment either by phone, fax or e-mail as often as necessary.  You may of course contact one of OVUM consultants directly if you wish to do so.  All contact information is on the OVUM website.

  • Is there any cost at the first consultation?

There is no separate initial cost.  All consultation costs are included in the package.

  • Where do the appointments take place and who will be there?

Dr. Anastasios SYKOUTRIS will meet you at the consulting offices by appointment.
Appointments can be arranged either via the midwife coordinator or directly with one of the two consultants.  All contact information is on OVUM website.

  • Do we have to bring any medical test results with us during our first consultation?

Yes. Bring anything you think may be relevant to your treatment. An OVUM consultant will review the information and make copies of all important tests to be kept with your medical file. It is always useful for our treatment plan to keep these pieces of information together and it saves you a lot of time in any future contact with OVUM.

  • How do we get the medications that we need and what is their cost?

It should be relatively easy to take an OVUM prescription to your GP and kindly ask him to help you with getting the drugs from a UK chemist. The drugs you will need are usually given as HRT in women, so most GPs are familiar with them.
Alternatively we may provide you with all the medication required for your treatment. Cost varies according to the dosage required but an average figure would be around 200 Euros for egg donation treatment. Commercial prices of drugs in Greek pharmacies can be found on the website of the Greek  National Drug Organisation.

  • Does OVUM provide a service for freezing eggs or/and embryos?

Yes. OVUM operates in fully-equipped, latest technology laboratories that give excellent pregnancy results with the use of vitrification procedure for embryos. We also use vitrification for freezing eggs and results are encouraging as this is still an experimental method.

  • How many eggs do we receive on average?

We provide 8 eggs on average.

  • How many embryos do you replace during embryo transfer?

The number of embryos transferred, depends on the recipient’s reproductive history and age and on the quality of embryos themselves. We usually transfer 2 embryos but single embryo transfers are welcome. By law, we are not allowed to transfer any more than 2 embryos in any case.

  • How long we do have to stay in Greece for the first consultation and how long for the completion of treatment?

The initial consultation will take about an hour.
If you are travelling as a couple, you need to arrive in Greece the day before or on the day of egg collection at the latest as your partner will provide us with a semen sample on that day. You will need to stay until embryo transfer which usually takes place 2 to 3 days later. If embryo transfer is to be performed at blastocyst stage this takes place 5 or 6 days after egg collection.
Alternatively your partner’s sperm may be frozen and exported from a UK laboratory to our unit at any time before egg collection. In such a case you would only need to be in Athens for the day of embryo transfer.


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