Dr. Anastasios Sykoutris
OVUM was founded by Dr Sykoutris in 2009, is a group of consultant gynaecologists, biologists and midwives who have long and broad experience in the field of infertility with special interest in egg donation programmes.
OVUM runs a large egg donation programme in Greece co-operating with IVF centres that fully comply with Greek legislation and the Greek Authority for Assisted Human Reproduction service standards.
The traditional concept of motherhood where the genetic (giving her DNA), physical (giving birth) and social (raising) mother is one and the same person is gradually evolving. Women and couples who reach the difficult decision to use donated eggs (or sperm), are determined to become parents “at all cost”. OVUM stands next to these women and couples to support, encourage and assist their endeavour to have a healthy child, paying particular attention to the welfare of the child itself.

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